Exchange feedback
right on the frames
Any frame of your video!
Comment right on the timeline.
All the comments in one place. Easily track project history
Save time for real work. Stop wasting it in chats / emails / Google docs
Screenshots are so 2000s
Stop the video. Point and comment right where you want to
No messed up feedback!
Forget about voice comments in chats, screenshots in emails, and timeline nightmares in Google Docs.

All your videos in one place. Version history and comments history. Enjoy!
Watch the workflow
Enjoy comfortable notifications as your videos getting updated. No comments left aside. Resolve or archive to get back later. And did we say we’ll keep you updated as you go?!
Video timemachine.
At your finger tips
No more "What the Feedback!? Who's that Feedback!?"

Everything's tracked. Frame by frame. Navigate easily
Clients gonna love it too!
Most tools are too complicated for a client to learn. We aspire to make Collaba crazy simple.

Just send the link to your client or a colleague, they'll be able to comment the video without even having to register
Collaba will suit you if you're
Video production company
How do you work with "don't like the face color of that guy to the right from the girl in the left corner" feedback? No need now. Let the Client point on that exact guy’s face so you don’t need to guess. Every comment is synced with the timeframe and exact points on screen. It’s also damn easy for client to use — just open the link and start commenting, no registration required
Marketing manager
Your comments were left unnoticed. Production studio is not making it exactly the way you wanted? Collaba will help take pain out of the process!
Fed up writing tons of emails with a blanket of comments to video? Still tracking emails to find out if that comment you gave last week was done? C'mon! Get back to cat videos more important things. Let Collaba take care of this.
It's also damn easy for client to use — just open the link and start commenting, no registration required
Save your time traveling. Comment videos on a distance exactly as you do it on a scene. Show them you ideas with pics on frames. And comment the edit frame by frame.
Show your work and get the feedback right in the Collaba. Don’t chase the comments after. Everything’s structured and tied to timeline
No more "could we make some frames a bit longer and others shorter". Feedback is tied to the timeline. Comments are structured. That’s it.
I want to thank collaba. app creators for making it real. I've been waiting for so long for such thing to come. Finally! That's a relief. Thank you guys! Keep it up.
Artem Korchagin
Numerous comments from each and every brand manager and agency involved in the project is a real pain in the ass for every producer. Hard to gather all the feedback in one place, track them and act upon. You always drawn in the infinite chats from all over. Collaba structures all this within one place easily comprehendible and executable. As a result my clients are more satisfied with the final result with less iterations. We don't lose comments, easily track the progress and spend more time on product itself. It saves time for everybody, producers, creative and art directors. And time is money.
Ova Bagramov
CEO, Funky Production
Collaba is like a painkiller for all creatives in the agencies out there. We all know you get those "Re[8]: Re[4]: Fwd[6]: Re[2]: Fwd[2]: Re:" emails. So you know the pain. Comments are scattered all across the different messengers, emails and phone talks. Because of that it's usual that they are forgotten, missed, misinterpreted, messed up and basically fucked up. In Collaba everything is crystal clear and nothing gets lost. This structure ideally fights this reign of chaos usually happening when making another TVC.
Alex Ermolaev
Creative Director, Deluxe Interactive
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